Fixed Flow Belt-driven Rotary Vane Pump - P2000 Series


The P2000 rotary pump is specifically designed for space constrained installations, or where a simpler belt-driven design is preferred. The P2000 rotary pump is available in two different designs:


Inboard roller bearing configuration with single mechanical sealing for duties involving lubricating liquids, such as Fuel Oils, Vegetable Oils, Lube Oils, and Additives.


Inboard plain bearing configuration with gland packing for duties involving non-lubricating liquids, such as Molasses, Resins, and Polymers.

The pumping principle


The 2000 series pumps are available in two separate designs (G2000 and U2000), both of which utilise the unique SPX Flow Vane pump concept, with the G2000 range designed as a fixed flow pump whereas the U2000 range is designed to be a variable flop pump without the need for any form of speed variation. The eccentricity between the shaft and rotor cause the chambers between the rotor and blades to vary in size as the pump rotates. The liquid entering the pump is guided into the ends of the rotor and then back out through the discharge port. There are eight pumping sectors and the illustration shows how the sector increases and decreases in size during rotation. Each sector in turn acts in the same manner, causing the continuous pumping



Unlike a conventional vane pump the blade tip is not rotating at high peripheral speeds against a liner (which could cause a rapid wear to the blade tip). The 2000 Series blades are gently sliding along a flat inside the rotor thus reducing wear and maintaining high volumetric efficiency. Variable flow is achieved by changing the eccentricity between the shaft and the rotor. As the eccentricity is decreased, the volume of the chambers decreases thus lowering the flow rate. When the shaft and rotor are concentric there is no pumping action, no flow and no hydraulic horsepower absorbed. Reverse flow can also be achieved by increasing the eccentricity over the shaft instead of under the shaft.


This pumping principle has a low shear rate which is important for blending lube oils or pumping shear sensitive fluids such as oily water mixtures to a separator for example.

Bitumen & Asphalt


The Plenty rotary vane pump is able to perform continuous pumping during temperature changes where centrifugal pumps normally fail. For applications up to 200°C it is normal to use an internal bearing pump with only 1 mechanical seal (2 seals on higher temperature external bearing designs). Steam or hot oil heating jackets supplied as standard.


Specialist Sealing


Special sealing options are available including single, double and

tandem arrangements in component or cartridge configuration.

Non standard pumps


The 2000 Series pump design can be factory modified for

extremely viscous or arduous refinery applications. Materials of

construction are selected according to the fluid nature.


Lubricants blending


Liquid products ranging in viscosities from 2cSt to 75,000 cSt are

handled with a 2000 Series vane pump, with mechanical seals used

for most applications.


Viscous Fluids


Viscous fluids up to 75,000 CST are handled with a standard pump,

viscosities up to 500,000 CST with a factory modified pump and


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