Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger


The global applications for industrial heat exchangers calls for a wide and deep product range, putting great demand on the equipment. SPX FLOW's portfolio of APV ParaFlow is designed to match your needs, whether this is for very small flows, or the extra-large kind, up to 4500 m3/h. With our selection of materials, connections and accessories, we can supply equipment for practically every heat transfer need.


The ParaWeld and Paramine technologies expand the boundaries for gasketed plate heat exchangers. Added our long experience in after sales services, SPX FLOW is your all-round partner for heat transfer.

System Advantages


• In most cases payback is in less than 18 months

• Lower energy costs and longer chiller life

• High efficiency and less maintenance through prevention of

contamination and fouling in the building chilled water system

• Eliminates duct work required for air-side economizers, saving

  space and money

• No moving parts minimizes maintenance

• Paraflow meets retrofit demands of existing structures

• High efficiency allows close approach temperatures (i.e. 2°F),

  increasing your hours of free cooling

• Example: Fort Bragg, NC

  380 tons x .90 KW/ton = 342 KW

  342 KW x 1734 hrs (37° wb or lower) = 593,028 KWH

  593,028 KWH x $.05/KWH = $29,651/yr

Energy Saving Calculations


The following information must be known:

• Approximate winter tonnage

• Efficiency of chiller

• Hours of operation at winter design wet bulb

• Approach temperature between cooling tower water and

  building chilled water temperatures (i.e. 37°F tower water @

  2°F approach, nets a building water temperature of 39°F).

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